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deviation in storage by vespera
deviation in storage by vespera
deviation in storage by vespera


who you dream when you sleep,
and for which ways would you wake?
now open that door, and let in that dark
(quiet as a slip or a slouch)
from the sinking ships that no one sees.

and come hither; with a fuse and a fuss
almost anything can be unmade.
oh, but what of this bad blood begs to water―
see, those grey-gutted rivers which b(l)urry my night
are always sweetest in the thick of a loss.
veil zero
this was the original first part of my "forty veils/as many whacks" series (which is approx. halfway done and yet to be posted) that i ended up discarding because the writing itself is so sub par. but hey, you know what they say about humble beginnings.

anyway, i don't want to give much away about the project itself, but: it's basically 40 ten-line poems, or one 400 line poem depending on how you wanna look at it. progress is slow for a variety of reasons, so idk when they whole thing will be posted. but i guess, thematically speaking, you could consider this a sneak-preview of sorts!
oh...i see. i got a DD on a ~3yr old deviation lmao. sweet. thanks you guys, i 'preciate the support <3 <3
i check back for the first time in about a week and i've got over 200 fucking feedback messages??? and a bunch of submission requests??

th' fuck, guys? i was about to take a nap. :/

(nah but seriously, thanks. idk what any of this is for yet, but i'll go out on a limb and assume i'm not just beeing spammed with hate mail <3)
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  • Watching: parasyte
it's been....well over a year since i've written in this journal.

i'm not really that into dA anymore, tbh. i'm basically entirely on tumblr now. you can check my wordswordswords tag on tumblr to see the more personal writing i don't post on here. i'm also posting a series of 40 interconnected poems for a series called "40 veils/as many whacks", which i'll also be posting all at once as a single work once it's finished. 

i haven't left dA entirely for two reasons: 1) it's another venue to get my writing seen by more people and b) i'm following a shit ton of really great artists and i don't want to lose track of their work. having a catalogue of all my favorite shit is pretty nice. similar to having a tumblr, though, but whatever. i'm creating an identity, okay? it can never hurt to reaffirm it with more tangible aesthetics.

so yeah. i'm not dead. i'm not leaving. i'm just inactive because other things are happening. i'm in the midst of my last year of secondary school. college is just 'round the corner. i'll be 17 in less than a month. all these huge goddamn milestones are happening and lets just say i've been keeping pretty busy irl. 

anyway, if any of my watchers wanna drop me a line i'd love to chat!! don't be a stranger. there are over 100 of you and idk anything about most of you guys. that's crazy af. 

that's all, folks! see ya'll 'round. *crawls back into the internet's butthole*
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It’s night.

The car exhaust runs warm in my ears nose and throat, but the smoke’s too wild to see up the pipe. I guess it doesn’t matter too much, really, except for it smells almost exactly like the way that buildings breathe when they’re on fire (boxed-out, stories-tall steel dragons without all the teeth) and I’m half-wondering  if one of them’s hiding in there too, burning up the engine box all sneaky and secret. So I’m squatting there in the winter darkness, quiet as I’ll ever be, with my nose at the butt of my dad’s ‘78 Cadillac—The Blue Moon, we call her—as it sputters slowly to life with a spare set of keys stuffed down the gullet of its keyhole.

Okay, so admittedly I don’t know much about cars—only what I’ve picked up from the manuals my dad reads me sometimes when I wake up at 2AM and can’t fall back asleep.

Which brings me full-circling back to where I am now:

It’s night.

I think I told you that part already, actually. But in my head I keep saying it and saying it over again, because I’m eight-and-a-half years old and slowly edging open the drivers’ seat door like it’ll bite me at the first wrong move and I’m touching the steering wheel like a ghost that breaks things for a living and I’m sitting on the edge of the fuzzy red seat and it’s night.

I feel more eighteen than eight, when I say it like that.

The car’s warmed up inside now, but it’s so big and so dark. I have to squint around to see all the levers and buttons; not that any of them mean much to me. It’s a miracle I managed to turn the thing on in the first place.

With a slip and a smile, I drive myself down on the gas pedal, elbows just under the dash, hands pushing at the bottom of the wheel. The car inches forward, rocking like it’s got legs of its own to tumble over. It’s slow at first, but I crane my neck up to get a view and there’s a good long road in front of me so I press at the pedal again—longer this time—looking for a thrill, and it goes real, real fast.

I hear the vroom vroom from inside the seatbox like an echo in my teeth. It’s a whole hell of a lot, and the end of the street with all the trees is coming up way faster than it should be. I reach my toes for the brake pedal but everything is white noise and shaking. Or maybe that’s just me.

This is bad.

When the hood first wraps around the tree trunk I feel it rattle under my skin, but there’s not as much sound to squeeze out as you might think. Then something mumbles and bursts, and there’s a bunch of that crazy thick smokestuff spilling out the tangled bumper, too. It takes less than five minutes for the windshield to go black.

This is bad, I think again. Only this time I say it out my mouth too.

“This is bad.”

I feel more eighty than eighteen, when I say it like that.

The door won’t open and the engine spits and spews and sputter-shuts off. The warmth goes away after a while, and the metal lying up against my hip gets cold like the ocean. When I twist or squirm it jabs me in the thigh—I snarl, and I holler, and I can’t get the door open, and I can’t move. It hurts like I’m bleeding but I can’t see one thing, not a single damn thing.

The wreckage is in everything around me now, even though I can’t see it. It’s hiding. I close my eyes and think of buildings’ breath and secret steel dragons.

But all that shoving in tight metal spaces can take a lot out of you, y’know? So I get real tired real fast. It’s late already and I’ve got school in the morning. Sleep comes speedy and shallow, floating in on the sound and the smell of The Blue Moon burning. It’s not real sleep, I guess; everything gets fuzzy but it doesn’t quite go black.

Hours pass in teeny tiny expanses, and when I wake up my dad is yelling and my mom is cursing and they’re using this giant set of pliers the size of my whole entire leg to pry open the metal of the door. I start crying then, for some reason, because I guess it felt weird to do it before when no one was around to hear, or maybe because I didn’t have the energy. The pain’s barely a scratch now, and mostly I’m just freaking out for no reason.

The sun is starting to rise but everything’s too dark to be shining yet, so it’s that weird new-bruise dawn color all around me, and I’m not scared the way I should be. Dad hoists me from the bent-out drivers’ side, and I can see the smoke trilling off the open engine under The Blue Moon’s hood. My mom mentions something about how Thank god nothing blew up. I laugh but she doesn’t think it’s funny.

My eyes get all squinty like I can’t see my feet dangling from my dad’s arms, because it’s so dark and quiet and moony outside. But then I realize, it isn’t really. That’s just more fakey-fake stuff in my head. The stars are fading out into daylight, and there’s an ambulance moaning down the road.

It’s not night anymore.
Blue Moon Burning
i didn't mean to.

(i don't know what i meant.)
i check back for the first time in about a week and i've got over 200 fucking feedback messages??? and a bunch of submission requests??

th' fuck, guys? i was about to take a nap. :/

(nah but seriously, thanks. idk what any of this is for yet, but i'll go out on a limb and assume i'm not just beeing spammed with hate mail <3)
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  • Listening to: "dawn of man" - homestuck
  • Reading: dare ni mo ienai koi bakka
  • Watching: parasyte


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professional potted plant
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hello there i'm me. here is things:

i am almost always very tired.
i am almost always nauseous.
i am seventeen-ish.
i love violence an awful lot.
i write poorly and infrequently.
i still wish i were a pirate.

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